Napkin 40×40, 2 Ply, Printed, 50 Pulls

Liora soft plain napkins can be used while having meal as well as after having meal. Perfect for children as it can be used on their lap while having food to avoid spillage of foods on their clothes. These napkins are a one-stop solution for various household needs.. These napkins are very effective at soaking up oil. You can use them to soak oil from fried food or just to clean an oil spill and dispose them off once done with them. There is no hassle of cleaning them again and again. Napkins are great choice when you want a touch of elegance, without the hassle of laundering napkins. These generously sized disposable napkins are soft, so guests will enjoy using them plus you won’t have to worry about the hassle and expense of laundering cloth napkins. These Liora paper napkins are a great addition to homes, cafes, business break rooms, restaurants and much more.