Scraft Uniworld Hygiene (OPC) Private Limited

Welcome To Scraft

With a lineage that stems from being in the paper business for over two decades, Scraft has been founded as a company that’s dedicated to producing high-value and innovative paper products to better people’s lives. Over time, the company has managed to adapt to the challenges of the day, relying on its heritage and foresight to decipher trends and bring new ideas to light.

Today, Scraft reflects what it set out to achieve — “Differentiation through excellence”. A strength that combines a strong tradition of innovation, continuous operational improvement and close customer contact. Apart from this, Scraft strives to improve existing or adds new qualities to materials and products at every stage of their production, drawing on its wide expertise in paper production, organic synthesis, solid-state chemistry – and, of course, customer applications.

Our Vision

  • To cater to the needs of the client.
  • To delight them with an innovative and avant-garde product range.
  • Assuring the customer “Value for Money”.

Our Mission

We at Scraft are committed to provide the highest quality products; products that go on to create a life of beauty, happiness and vitality. At the heart of our company is creativity and innovation. And we are driven by the passion to offer products that bring about a pleasant change in your today – a change that is forever.