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Kitchenmate Foil

Kitchen Mate is your true companion in the kitchen and also when you’re on-the-go. With products that wrap, seal and keep the freshness and warmth of your food intact, Kitchen Mate goes a long way towards healthy and hygienic food. More so, this range of foils and wraps is modern, convenient and easy to handle.

Liora Tissue

Liora, our economy range of tissues will add zing to your life while they simplify it. Designed keeping everyday use in mind, this range covers everything from facial tissues, pocket wipes and serviettes to kitchen rolls, toilet rolls and even a special range of tissues for kids.

Mini Me Baby Wipes

Mini Me is especially designed for the tender and sensitive skin of babies. Every bit of care has been taken to ensure that the highest levels of hygiene are maintained during production as well as packaging. Mini Me baby wipes are made from natural viscose fibers. They are soft, super absorbent, non-toxic, with no lint; and adopt a delicate formula to suit your baby’s skin and will keep it fresh and clean all…

Jus Clean Sanitizer

Almost like magic, our Jus Clean Sanitizer will ensure that germs vanish in a flash. And the best part is that it’s non- sticky, fast drying, alcohol-free and doesn’t even require soap or water. Staying clean and healthy has never been easier.

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Scraft Uniworld Hygiene (OPC) Private Limited

Welcome To Scraft With a lineage that stems from being in the paper business for over two decades, Scraft has been founded as a company that’s dedicated to producing high-value and innovative paper products to better people’s lives. Over time, the company has managed to adapt to the challenges of…

Brands & Private Label Manufacturing

Our leading brands ‘KITCHENMATE’ in Aluminium foil and Cling film segment, ‘LIORA’ in tissue paper segment, in premium wet wipes segment, and in kitchen wipes segment have become very popular brands in domestic as well as international markets. We can export in both our brand as well as PRIVATE BRANDS. We have an expertise in production, owing to our own brands and low costs due to economies of scale.

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